Life & Estate Planning

Life & Estate Planning Strategy

We have appeared in Court on hundreds, if not thousands, of probate matter because people did not have basic planning documents drafted by a competent attorney. In response to the needless waste of money and judicial resources, we have developed a planning strategy. Our developed strategy focuses on getting the documents in place to deal with the majority of life’s emergencies first. Once in place, focus moves to avoiding unnecessary expenses related to your estate (taxes and costs of probate). This strategy comes down to two things: you literally have the rest of you life to plan for avoiding taxes and probate and the law and/or the tax code appear to change once you think you have the perfect plan so it will change anyway.

The Process As We See It:

Step 1. Get the estate planning documents which deal with the majority of life’s unplanned emergencies in place. These documents include a Last Will and Testament, a Financial Power of Attorney, and a Health Care Power of Attorney (with a living will and mental health authority). Historically, we charged $1,000.00 for this basic package but during the pandemic we offered a discount of $500. We cut the price because we firmly believe everyone should have these documents in place and the COVID crisis affirmed that belief.

Step 2. Once the documents that cover the majority of life’s emergency are completed and in place, we investigate the more complex issues which may require additional planning documents. The investigation includes: Do you have a taxable estate? Do you own property in more than one state? Do you have loved ones with special needs? As our knowledge and trust of one another grows, we will be in a better position to tailor plans to match the complexity of your life.