Peter Williams

Graduate of A.S.U. and U.C. Hastings, College of the Law.

Peter was sworn into the Arizona State Bar on September 26, 2000. He was in Court the next morning.

I have spent the last twenty years handling matters that people didn’t consider. The lack forethought results in people in crisis without a plan. While many people, including many lawyers, see the Courtroom as something that should be avoided at all costs, I view the Courts as a partner in responding to these crises. While Courts may produce anxiety, they can bring clarity to a situation necessary to allow people to start making sense of their situation, and to start making a plan. Order from noise.

What I Do

I am a Lawyer. Court is where I earn my living.

I listen to people in crisis that need to talk.

I help people who find themselves thrown into a crisis by a legal issue make sense of what is happening to their life.

I help people create a plan that allows them to order the overwhelming thoughts bouncing around in their heads so they can start the process of rebuilding their lives.