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Fiduciary Litigation

Probate litigation often involves representing a party in a dispute involving the estate of a deceased person. However, decisions regarding an incapacitated adult, and minor children, are also handled through the probate court. The Probate Court regularly appoints conservators and guardians to make decisions concerning the finances and the health and wellbeing of incapacitated adults and minor children. Additionally, matters involving trusts are often brought to the probate court. As a result, seasoned probate lawyers often handle matters similar to general civil litigation but with a unique set of rules and laws for these issues. Set up a free consultation to see how we can assist you.

Contested Estates

We represents individuals, families, and businesses who require guidance through the complexities of estate administration and probate litigation. We assist with all types of probate, whether formal, informal, collection by affidavit, etc. Not sure where to start? Set up a free consultation to see how we can assist you.


With the passage of A.R.S. 46-456 in 2005 of the Adult Protective Services Act (APSA)., litigation involving allegations of exploration became a cottage industry. Regrettably, many allegations of exploitation are made to gain advantage in estate litigation. This occurs when an allegation of “exploitation” is made by litigants seeking the removal of, or opposing the appointment of, an individual from a position of trust and confidence. Persons in these positions include a personal representative, trustee, guardian, or conservator. We have both prosecuted and defended exploitation cases. Find yourself the subject of an exploitation claim? Need someone to help you stop an exploiter? Set up a free consultation to see how we can assist you.