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We Want To Be There With You!

Planning For The Future

At Williams & Halladay we offer affordable legal assistance, such as LLC formation, name changes, and estate planning as an opportunity for our clients to become familiar and build trust with our firm. Get to know us today, before the day of you need us.

Cooperative Legal Solutions

Like most attorneys, we settle more cases than we take to trial. We are experienced mediators, negotiators, and attorneys. If the case can be settled, we have the experience to help you settle the matter, cooperatively.


If you need to go to Court, you want an experienced attorney who you feel comfortable with, and that comes with working with an attorney you know and trust. We provide our clients with expert legal counsel and quality representation in a broad field. While we could compartmentalize and reduce our knowledge base, we chose instead to build a relationship long before the client experiences the anxiety that comes from being in Court. Litigation begins well before a hearing does. Let us help you get ready for whatever comes.