Peter Williams and Emilie Halladay in front of the Southwest Maricopa Superior Court Complex.

Estate Planning & Probate Litigation – This Is Why You Should Work With Williams and Halladay

For twenty years we have gone to court on hundreds, if not thousands, of cases, because of poor planning, poorly administered estates, and poorly drafted estate planning documents.  Our efforts resulted in money being disgorged, professional fees being sliced, jail time being served and, most importantly, freedoms being regained.  The experience, training, and education we received in each of those cases we bring to every case, every estate plan we craft, and every client we represent.

Legal matters are more frequently litigated due to inexperience, ignorance, and incompetence, rather than exploitation or intentional wrongdoing.  Regardless of the “why”,  when people find themselves in court, they need someone with the know-how to resolve the issues, whether through litigation or negotiation.

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