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Tackling complex cases & seeing them through

We have been to Court on thousands of cases. Our efforts resulted in money being disgorged, professional fees being sliced, jail time being served and, most importantly, freedoms being regained. The experience, training, and education we received in each of those cases we bring to every case, every new client. Regardless of the "Why," if you find your facing court, and need someone with the know-how to resolve the issues or take them to trial, call us.

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Commitment to help with difficult cases

The majority of cases never see the inside of a courtroom. Proper investigation and preparation allows experienced trial attorneys to see the case with a clarity that few can match. This leads to settlements for most cases, and when it doesn't we are ready for trial.

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Elite team of experienced trail attorneys

We have been involved in probate litigation for twenty one years, and family litigation for approximately fifteen years. We started representing businesses in Court more than a decade ago. If you are going to trial, we want to go with you.

Counseling, mediation, & legal representation

We represent real people with real issues.  We are happy to offer free fifteen minute consultation to try and help you get a better understanding of your legal needs.  If you decide to retain our firm, both attorneys are experience mediators, settlement conference referees, and attorneys.  In a world in which most lawyers never see the inside of a courtroom, that is where we make our living.  

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